The Chef

Delicious Green Delivery is the creation of natural chef Kelsey Ale. Kelsey has been passionate about healthful eating since becoming vegetarian in 1999. While working at a juice bar she started learning more and more about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, and started exploring the world of unprocessed whole foods and whole food preparation.

Along the way she noticed (and experienced) some common ‘healthy eating’ frustrations:

  • There is an overload of information being thrown at us regarding what to eat – it gets confusing to tell what food is good for you and what’s not!


  • There are many vegetarian and health conscious people who don’t have the time to prepare great tasting healthy meals at home.


  • Lots of people think that ‘eating healthy’ means depriving yourself of good tasting, filling food and suffering through one bowl of lettuce or bran flakes after another.


After rave reviews on her food and multiple small orders and meal requests she decided to take the next step; Delicious Green Delivery was born. The concept was simple: Give customers prepared healthy meals, and they have more time for the rest of the things in life. Plus they are guaranteed to have something yummy AND nourishing ready for them whenever they’re hungry!

Delicious Green Delivery can save you from the same frustrations so many people experience when it comes to healthy eating.

  • We employ a well rounded, whole foods approach when developing recipes and preparing meals. We believe in simple, unprocessed food that delivers the maximum amount of nutrition per bite. We also offer you healthy living and nutrition ‘tid-bits’ – fun facts to help you make healthy choices.


  • DGD spends hours in the kitchen so you don’t have to! Our delivery service allows you peace of mind knowing that the next healthy meal is just a click (or fork full) away. And rest assured we use the same high quality, real food ingredients you would choose for yourself.


  • We give you the right amount of food to satiate your hunger without weighing you down. You’ll have the chance to fill up on dozens of new spices and flavors, in addition to experiencing re-vamped versions of some old favorites. We aren’t called Delicious for nothing!


Delicious Green Delivery is based on a vision of easy health. We believe the first step to this is good nutrition- after all, you are what you eat!

We are committed to bringing you the healthiest food options in the most convenient way. We offer delicious, fresh meals delivered right to your door. By offering real, unprocessed, organic foods we ensure the highest quality and nutritional value for our customers.